Dr Joanne Lawrence-Bourne

Joanne is a Registered Psychologist /Clinical Psychology Registrar.

What we experience isn’t always straight forward in life, leading to feelings of distress, grief and loss, maladjustment, anxiety, frustration, and depression.

How do we recognise and manage our thoughts, feelings, and reactions?

Sometimes we need additional support to work through it, now or later in life.

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Psychological Therapy / Psychotherapy

“Joanne’s draws from a range of therapeutic frameworks, an integrated approach to help tailor therapy to each person’s individual needs.”

Dr Joanne Lawrence-Bourne

About the Cyprus tree

Humans have always appreciated trees for their usefulness and symbolism. Trees and their roots are often assigned psychological meaning, of which the Cyprus tree is one of the most ancient.

The Cyprus tree is also associated with Artemis, one of the Greek goddesses of childbirth, animals, nature, and eternal life. Being linked to immortality and grief, the Cyprus stands tall between the worlds, inviting humans to consider deeper meanings underlying life experience.

Like many trees, the Cyprus is found standing alone or in a cluster with others. An avenue of Cyprus creates a sense of journey. The Cyprus is robust and durable. Like the Cyprus and all living things, we have the potential for growth as we respond to our environment and circumstances. We are vulnerable at times, needing support to build resistance so we can remain tall and strong, either alone or within our cluster.


Joanne’s psychological services

At times, our lives are complicated, sad, traumatic, frustrating and unexpected. There are many factors that impact our experience, whether it is social, physical, psychological, or instinctive.

What we want and what we experience isn’t always straight forward. Sometimes we need additional support to get through it, now or later in life.