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Joanne’s instinctive and learned knowledge has evolved to help individuals and families navigate emotional and psychological challenges.

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Dr Joanne Lawrence-Bourne

About Dr Joanne Lawrence-Bourne

Joanne is a registered psychologist and midwife in Orange, NSW. She has been working in the reproductive space for 30 years in Sydney, Canberra, the Torres Straits and Darwin.

Joanne’s interest in reproductive psychology evolved through her work as a midwife. She observed the range of reproductive experiences, from the joy and excitement to grief, trauma and loss. Her curiosity of understanding the impact of people’s different reproductive journeys had on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour led her towards further study in psychology.

Joanne’s experience in reproductive psychology has endured social change in attitudes, values and lifestyle regarding having children. Yet some things do not change. The joy and the sadness, the expected and the unexpected still occur….

Joanne’s broad life experience enables her to provide a compassionate, practical, effective and professional service.